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Any day, let it be New Year’s day to start with or Christmas to end with, or any other day in between, like Independence Day, where every one says I Love My Country

Every thing is covered at FestiveShops.

About Us

Established in 2019

Brand new way of celebrating Festivals. In this connected Digital world, every one across the borders, can celebrate together. Distance is no more a problem. In a second, you can be with your loved ones across the world.


We Are More Than Just a Shop!

We believe in relation than being an online shop. We love to serve every one across the world. We love to connect the supplier and buyer without much hard work.


Birthday Parties

Gift Baskets

Custom Shopping


What We Do

A Little Something For Everyone

Let that be your Birthday or your Kids Birthday, nothing is smaller for us. We are ready to deliver your dreams in time, we know the value of love and affection for our loved ones. Celebrate without any stress. Leave every thing to us.

All Scalable Solutions

You don’t need to spend a fortune, to shop with us. We have all kinds of facilities for you to be more and more comfortable. You can scale up as your money grows.

All Round Solutions

Just don’t worry, you will get every thing you are looking for with us. Again, don’t worry, you will get every thing at the lowest price. We assure you as well quality.

Two for Tango

We know that you and your spouse love each other so much. This is our main theme for some celebrations like Valentine’s day. Pay for one and get for two. 

Homemade From Scratch

Do you love home made, with full of mother’s love and affection, cakes and sweets? Just leave it to us. We have suppliers, who are fully specialised for decades in this. They will just remind you your mother, by getting you that home food taste.

In All Colours and sizes.

No Special Storage

Mix and Match offers

Come Visit us!

Or Shop Online

Do you love picking things your self? Oh, you love to shop online? Either way you are covered. We being the leaders in the world, care for  your feelings. 


209 Festive Road, Bangalore 560097

Open 10am-5pm Every Day
Closed on Holidays